Source code for regrid2.mvLibCFRegrid

# This code is provided with the hope that it will be useful.
# No guarantee is provided whatsoever. Use at your own risk.
# David Kindig and Alex Pletzer, Tech-X Corp. (2012)

LibCF regridding class


from regrid2 import gsRegrid
from regrid2 import GenericRegrid

[docs]class LibCFRegrid(GenericRegrid): """ """ def __init__(self, srcGrid, dstGrid, srcGridMask=None, srcBounds=None, **args): """ Constructor Parameters ---------- srcGrid array dstGrid array srcBounds cell boundaries **args keyword arguments, eg mkCyclic, handleCut, be passed to gsRegrid """ self.regridMethodStr = 'linear' self.mkCyclic = args.get('mkCyclic', False) self.handleCut = args.get('handleCut', False) self.verbose = args.get('verbose', False) self.regridObj = gsRegrid.Regrid(srcGrid, dstGrid, src_bounds=srcBounds, mkCyclic=self.mkCyclic, handleCut=self.handleCut) if srcGridMask is not None: self.regridObj.setMask(srcGridMask) # min resolution, required in order to set the tolerance (tolpos) = float('inf') for i in range(len(dstGrid)): coordMin = dstGrid[i].min() coordMax = dstGrid[i].max() n = max(dstGrid[i].shape) = min(, (coordMax - coordMin) / float(n))
[docs] def computeWeights(self, **args): """ Compute interpolation weights Parameters ---------- **args arguments to be passed to gsRegrid, e.g. nitermax, tolpos, ... """ nitermax = args.get('nitermax', 20) # make tolpos relative to the min cell size tolpos = args.get('tolpos', 0.01) * self.regridObj.computeWeights(nitermax=nitermax, tolpos=tolpos)
[docs] def apply(self, srcData, dstData, missingValue=None, **args): """ Regrid source to destination Parameters ---------- srcData : array (input) dstData : array (output) missingValue : value that should be set for points falling outside the src domain, pass None if these should not be touched. """ self.regridObj.apply(srcData, dstData, missingValue)
[docs] def getSrcGrid(self): """ Get the grid of the src data (maybe larger than the dst grid passed to the constructor due to column/row padding) Returns ------- grid """ return self.regridObj.getSrcGrid()
[docs] def getDstGrid(self): """ Get the grid of the dst data Returns ------- grid """ return self.regridObj.getDstGrid()
[docs] def fillInDiagnosticData(self, diag, rootPe): """ Fill in diagnostic data Parameters ---------- diag a dictionary whose entries, if present, will be filled valid entries are: 'numDstPoints' and 'numValid' rootPe not used """ for entry in 'numDstPoints', 'numValid': if entry in diag: meth = 'get' + entry[0].upper() + entry[1:] diag[entry] = eval('self.regridObj.' + meth + '()') diag['regridTool'] = 'libcf' diag['regridMethod'] = self.regridMethodStr diag['handleCut'] = self.handleCut diag['mkCyclic'] = self.mkCyclic diag['verbose'] = self.verbose