12. API

12.1. Classes

Type Constructor
avariable CDMS Variable objects, abstract interface
axis CDMS Axis objects
fvariable CDMS File-based variables.
bindex Bin index for non-rectilinear grids
cache CDMS cache management and file movement objects
variable DatasetVariable: Dataset-based variables
cdurllib Customized URLopener
cdurlparse Parse (absolute and relative) URLs.
cudsinterface Emulation of old cu package
database CDMS database objects
dataset CDMS dataset and file objects
forecast CDMS Forecast
gengrid CDMS Generic Grids
grid CDMS Grid objects
hgrid CDMS HorizontalGrid objects
MV2 CDMS Variable objects, MaskedArray interface
selectors Classes to support easy selection of climate data
tvariable TransientVariable (created by createVariable) is a child of both AbstractVariable and the masked array class.
slabinterface Read part of the old cu slab interface implemented over CDMS

12.2. Regridder

Type Constructor
horizontal Create a horizontal regridder
esmf Regrid source grid data to destination grid data using ESMF